Mrs. Lori DiBiase is our on-site director of Ocean Early Childhood Center & Shore Summer Camp.  She is dedicated to providing the community with an environment that will ensure every child is educationally, socially and emotionally prepared for their next stages.  Mrs. DiBiase has spent 22 years in the early childhood field; adapting to the changes in this field plays a major role in maintaining a positive, safe and structured program.

Sally Buecker – Mrs. B is our administrative assistant.  She has been an essential part of our staff for 38 years.  Mrs. B’s nurturing personality and love of children is evident every time she is around them. Her strong ties to the community make her adored by anyone who walks through our front door. 

Joyce Rochelle – Mrs. R is a lead teacher for the Pre-K classroom.  Since joining our team in 1987 she has had the privilege of working with all of our age groups. Mrs. R is dedicated to helping children discover the joy of learning, and to helping each child develop a strong belief in their own abilities.

Shirley Nase – Mrs. Nase is a lead teacher in our Pre-K classroom.  She has watched her own grandchildren prosper in our program since she joined us in 1994. Mrs. Nase loves using recycled material in her class, motivating  the children to take care of our environment but also that using their imagination and creativity is essential to learning.

Debbi Brown – Miss Debbi is a lead teacher in the Preschool classroom.  She started as a parent and decided to work alongside us in 2003. She has a passion for education that ensures success for all of her students. Miss Debbi instills creativity and critical thinking skills to all the children she has the pleasure to work with.

Kaitlyn Romero – Miss Kaitlyn is one of our afternoon assistant teachers.  She is going into her 4th year working with us. Miss Kaitlyn is attending Georgian Court University to get her degree in Elementary Education.  Her love of teaching spills over to her students. 

Matty Hueth – Matty is one of our infant teachers.  They are in their 3rd year working with us. Matty’s patience and enthusiasm makes them an asset to our program.  Their love for children has prompted them to begin a career in early childhood education. They are currently working on their CDA.